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Proof that living in Chester is the right choice!!

Thu 16 Mar 2017

Proof that living in Chester is the right choice!!


We all knew it already, but the Sunday Times says Chester is one of the best places to live in Britain.

The city is part of select group of which have had their own category created because they keep coming out on top.

The newspaper’s annual rankings are based off statistics for schools and crime but also recognise places ‘which have something special about them’.

Chester was picked out for both its past and its present.

The Sunday Times said: “What did the Romans ever do for us? So many of our favourites have imperial origins.

“Known to Vespasian’s crew as Deva Victrix, Chester is another that continues to thrive 2,000 years on.

“These days the attractive centre, the schools and access to the scenic glories of north Wales are the big draw, rather than a defensible position on the Dee.”

The Times goes on to say Chester has the highest proportion of long-term residents of more than 10 years than any of it’s other ‘perennial’ contenders.

Of all the towns and cities in the top 20, it also has some of the cheapest house prices. This shows what great value for money Chester really is.

There are also mentions for eating houses such as coffee shop the Jaunty Goat, Italian restaurant La Fattoria and the Sticky Walnut bistro in Hoole.

So if your looking to buy in Chester it seems your logic is good.